Take a deep breath & pay attention to those Instagram updates

After a long week of marketing and management exams, take time to remember to breath and reflect. It’s a Monday and last week if you had exams or a long week at work calm yourself down with some deep breaths in your nose and out of your mouth. According to Health Care Works

  • ” Deep breathing can improve your energy level.
  • Deep breathing slows your heart rate.
  • Deep breathing helps to clean out the lungs.
  • Deep breathing reduces anxiety. “-https://www.careworkshealth.com/blog/benefits-of-deep-breathing-exercises-for-mind-and-body/

-Take some time to breathe Instagram is updating-

Instagram rewards you for using its new features:

Later.com a social media blog offered a helpful topic to help anyone trying to grow there presence on Instagram titled, “This is How the Instagram Algorithm works in 2018” offered a huge takeaway to increase natural Instagram engagement. One massive takeaway from this article is that whenever Instagram launches a new feature, the app will promote your content more and place it in front of more peoples feeds leading to more views and “Eyeballs”. Company’s pay big bucks for these eyeballs, so as a marketer show your value by curating this eyeballs… For Free. You just have to be savvy and social media conscious.

Instagram has a new update:

According to Adesspresso by Hootsuite, “Top Instagram Updates of 2018″ and the app is updating and adding new features as of October. Here is a quick rundown of the update to keep your brand in front of peoples eyes and Instagram relevant

  • Instagram is getting rid of inauthentic Activity(ie; like/comment bots)
  • You can link IGTV to stories
  • New shopping features creating a shopping cart
  • story promotion
  • Name codes for following new accounts
  • Continuous uploads for longer stories
  • Quick replies for business accounts
  • GIF’s can be used in messages
  • stories for close friends
  • tagging and hashtagging without featuring it in the comments

Ok, now a few more deep breaths and start using these updates to grow your brand …

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